{RAP/HIPHOP} Dear Professor – It’s The Dean’s List (GRADUATIN!!) + Digitalism

It’s been a crazy last couple weeks with graduation and such so I haven’t had time to make any new posts in a while. There’s been some good music coming out so far this early into summer and rumors of album releases, artist additions to festivals, and new singles have been flying all over the internet.

Here’s a song to all my college graduate peers by It’s The Dean’s List called “Dear Professor“. Congrats class of 2011!!

Also, for all that haven’t heard of Digitalism this is a great new single from them too below. They are described as German Punk Dance music. A really strange genre if you ask me, but it sure sounds amazing! They’ve had other great songs as well such as: “Idealistic“, “Pogo” (my all time favorite), “Taken Away“, try out “Pulse” is you’re really looking for some electronic masterpieces. They’re new hit single is call “2 Hearts“. Check some of them out:

2 Hearts



Taken Away (REMIXXX) – Rapid 10

The Pulse

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