{HOUSE} Arty – Around the World

I stumbled upon this guy just googling along and checking out different blogs yesterday. He’s beat is a true house sound. He is signed to label “Anjunabeats“, the same label that has DJs Above & Beyond signed. Besides them the label does not really have any big name artists. I have a funny feeling that this young guy Arty is about to blow up soon. Did I mention he looks like he’s 12. Swedish House Mafia played this song in their set at EDC about 2 weeks ago. General rule of thumb is: if those 3 like it, it’s going somewhere. (Also, ran to the song this morning…great song to run to.) I would try to leave you one to download, but it was really hard to find a copy online; meaning they’re probly trying really hard to keep this from leaking with getting paid. (but…if you wanna download just google the name and artist of the song and “zippyshare” next to it. Or buy it on iTunes. Enjoy:

Arty – Around the World

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