{POP/ELECTRO} Bloody Beetroots – Till the World Ends

Okay….Britney Spears is absolutely terrible. However, whoever her producer is, he is a effin genius. Props to whoever that guy is because everytime she comes out with a new song it is right up to par with whatever kind of beats are trending in the music industry. A.K.A. #dubstep in Hold It Against Me. Talk about perfect timing.

This brings me to the point of this post…even though Britney Spears may suck as an artist the background music/beats are awesome. And to make things better I stumbled upon an amazing remix of her song “Till the World Ends” by The Bloody Beetroots.

The duo is known for their crazy Spiderman masks and their use of a MIDI board in their live performances. (not many DJS can produce the same song from scratch live). Steve Aoki and the Beetroots produced a great track called Warp 1.9 a while back for those of you that have not heard it (with a SICK music video!!).

So here you go, Britney Spears torn to pieces by 2 Spidermans and then brought back to life:

And another Roots remix ft. The Cool Kids:

The Bloody Beetroots Feat. The Cool Kids – Awesome