{INDIE} Treehouse – Gold Fields + BONUSES!!

Most of my posts have been either house, electronic, techno, etc. So I thought I would change it up with something different.

I used to be a huge Indie and Alt Rock fan back in high school and the beginning of college (started with my obsession of music from the OC), but my music tastes have shifted somewhat since being in school. However, that doesn’t mean I have completely forgot about my indie roots.

One song that popped up on one of the blogs that I frequent was a song called “Treehouse” by Gold Fields. They were classified under dance and electronic music, but I just don’t hear that. I mean maybe the beats are electronic, but it doesn’t sound it and certainly doesn’t fit in that genre. One blog called their sound “jungle like”. Gold Fields is a five person band from Ballarat, Australia. They haven’t really ventured out of their Australia homeland too much, but with this new single they are starting to gain some speed and popularity.

Check it out! :

And the BONUSES include:

COSMIC LOVE – Florence & The Machine (you’ve probably heard this on TV for the new Reese Witherspoon movie)

And a SICK remix of it:

Sunlight – Harlem Shakes

Buldings & Mountains – The Republic Tigers (one of my all-time favorites)